Makas Productions is the house that exceptionally implements for the excellence. We take the ordinary and transform it into extraordinary with our creativity, loyalty and devotion. Through dedication and continuous strive for perfection, we have created a magnificent school of thought which is all about art and we call "Makas Productions".


It is said that an artist engrave a part of its soul in its creation, and that’s how we create, with hard work and passion, we produce art that leave you in awe. With a motivating and hardworking team grow every day, turning each other’s weaknesses and transforming it into our strength. Life is all about learning and we open our arms to every challenge and win it together as one.


We believe in creativity and quality. Through the lens of Makas, you experience new perspectives and visuals that will mesmerize you. Breaking the traditional stereotypes and bringing in ideas and concepts that are out of the box.


We create TV commercials, Films, Dramas, Short Films, Documentaries, and Reality Shows; also handle Digital Media.

About CEO

I always had an inclination towards the camera. My greatest inspiration “Asad-ul-Haq” is the one whose words pushed me to grow more in my passion “If you can do all this in one hour, imagine what you can do in a whole day!” My love for this field of art and these words have made me who I am now!

I love to explore the beauty of the world and so I travel a lot. Enthusiastic about observing the little things around me like the rendezvous of birds chirping at dawn, the evolution of colors of sunrise and sunset, passionate about music, crazy about colors and love to play with them, love long drives, adore pets especially cats. I love the night time as it reveals the beauty of the stars and it hides each flaw within it.

I have been in this field for past three years and have learnt things that will stay with me for as long as I live. I love to learn new things and incorporate them in my life. I open my arms for every new challenge and confront it with absolute zeal. I never back down from a difficult situation.